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Artist Statement

My work comes from a place of love and experience. A place where words can be used to bring life and hope. I present hip hop soul that was built on my original foundations of gospel & classic soul. My music intent is to make people feel , to share my story and last but not least speak for the people.

Artist Bio

Dev Dapree was born in Florida and moved to Washington DC at the age of eight. She was quickly attracted to the go-go music she commonly heard and learned to incorporate its style with her southern roots that were founded on soul, gospel and blended with Hip-Hop. Being a southern kid growing up in the DMV area helped create a unique style along with unique life experiences.

Dev Dapree began her study of music at Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts where she saw her craft from a different perception and used those teachings to better herself. Her curiosity grew as she learned that music itself was its own language and broad in style. Dev began recording in 2005 and has continued to try to spread her music to the world.

Booking / Contact : devdapree@gmail.com