How many more lives has to be taken from us? How long will it take them to realize YOU CANT GET RID OF US. WE ARE HERE. WE ALL BLEED RED BUT ITS ONLY OUR BLOOD YOU SEE IN THE STREET. All we want to do is take the chains off, all we want to do is be free. Thank you J.Cole. Thank You. R.I.P. Mike Brown.

A’lysia Alcorn : For The Dope’s First Artist Feature

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I am really excited about the Artist I am featuring. She is amazing. I have been following A’lysia for quite some time now and have seen her work. IT is eloquent, it is controversial, it breathes life into faces we have seen before, the colors always depict emotion…get where im going? This is an artist. I urge you to take the time to look, to see, to enjoy the art she produces. Its obvious it comes from a soul who really loves art.

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IG: alysiaalcorn


To The Dope

I created this blog because I wanted to be a stepping stone, handclap, giver of praise to say to those grinding hard to make it in an tough industry. Since I could remember music has meant everything to me. The arts in general have become a very important part of me. I feel like the world gives so much attention to the negative that we tend to miss out on the good in the world. That is what I want to do. Showcase the good. Of course I have my own preference of what “good” is and will only release that to the public, but whatever I do just know it is done in good intent. – Dev


I hope everyone who takes the time to read this site knows every visit is appreciated. I truly love music. I breathe it. I wake up thinking about it and go through the day working hard to succeed in it. I go to sleep dreaming of music. Understand this is not a game for me. It truly is my life. – Dev